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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PIZZAS! come and git 'em!

The cart has been open for a couple of days now and it's been awesome!  St. Johns seems so excited about the food carts and people seem to like the pizza.  Check out one of yesterday's specials:

THE GARDEN DELIGHT!  homegrown eight ball zucchini and their blossoms with goat cheese, local roasted corn from Kruger's farm, cracked black pepper and red sauce. Delightful!

The sourdough has been getting into full swing, and yesterdays crust was the best it's been.  The specials yesterday were pretty rad in general - cherry tomatoes and homegrown mint with a balsamic drizzle... the always delicious cheese and basil... kale, gorgonzola, green apples, and hot coppa salami (that one will probably be back as it turned out to be a crowd favorite).

Cool!  Blog done.  Come eat pizza!


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