8218 N. Lombard (inside the Fixin' To)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

oh hey pizza people.

Clearly, we have been very un-bloggy here at Pizza Contadino.  That doesn't mean there's nothin' to blog about... we've just been a little pre-occupied.  The weather's finally made that final turn for the worse, and we're in the rainy season.  It's slowed you all down a little bit, but it shouldn't.  The cart has a phone number now so you can call in your orders!  Just give us a ring and we'll have your pizza waiting for you - nice and warm for a cozy night at home!

Here's the number: 503.935.4375.

Hopefully we'll be so busy with your orders that we'll be able to start offering delivery soon too!

And in other news.....

We've been smoking up a storm here since the salmon.  Many a pepper has enjoyed both our hot and cold smokers and can be found in special pizza sauces and spicy hot sauces as well.  We've been curing and smoking our own bacon (!!!) and it's been getting better every time.  Even the no-goods out there think so.  Some mean human stole two thirds of our last batch straight off the grill about a week ago.  Really hoping they enjoyed their raw slab of salty salty pork belly.  That was not rad.  It was like.... one a.m.  So mean.

We've also started to offer an old-school pizza parlor staple: THE MEATBALL SUB!  We make our own bread using the sourdough.  The meatballs have been ranging from buffalo to beef to lamb.  Delicious red sauce.  Parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.  Yum!  Great for warming up your belly on a rainy day.

So that's a little of the news.  Hope to see you soon!


  1. What days are you open? What are your hours?

  2. Hello Adam!

    We are currently open Tues-Sunday from 1pm to 11pm. Winter has been a little slow, and we are possibly going to start being open only from 4 or 5 to 11 till spring, but that's the schedule for now.

    Thanks for reading the blog.

  3. Oh yeah... Sundays, we close at 8pm. Thanks again.

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