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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Raining pie!

Hello pizza fans!  Isn't this rainy weather perfect for a night of pizza at home?  Come on by or call in for a take-home pie.  Tonight's special is a house-made sausage pizza with awesome leeks from Proper Eats in St. Johns.  We've also got a chocolate hazelnut cake to satisfy those sweet teeth of yours!

Also, friends... thank you!  Yesterday was one of our busiest days ever.  It's so nice and so very appreciated to see you all braving the elements in the name of Pizza Contadino.  Many many thanks.

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  1. Came by around 3 on Wednesday and you guys weren't open. Called the next day to see if you would be open then but just got the voice mail. Are you guys having any problems? I sure hope not. I really want to eat your pizza!