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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Movin on up!!

Hey guys, been a while. This is my ( the guy behind the counter ) first time actually blogging, so go easy on me.  Well first things first lets get you updated. My new location is one block past wear I used to be, N Charleston and Lombard. My hours have also changed, I now work 3pm to 10pm Tue-Sat, 3pm to 8pm on Sun and Monday I'm closed.
     Now for the real big news. WE GOT VOTED ONE OF PORTLANDS FIVE BEST FOOD CARTS in the recent WW restaurant guide !!!!!!
oh-oh-and-wait-oh-theres-more. In a few months Pizza Contadino will very proudly and victoriously be moving to the parking lot of the best bar in St Johns, none other then the Fixin To which will be putting me right back on Lombard and Richmond. This move will effect my hours, of which I will keep you informed

On to pizza, I've had alot of great ingredients recently to many to keep track of. Matter of fact the customer usually will remember better then I do what I make, which is fine by me. I'll just keep making them, you tell me which ones where the best.

 Some of my favorites however,
      mustard-cream sauce with bacon, brie and escarole
      mushroom, zuccinhi, balsamic glazed red onion and feta
      roasted potato, smoked padron peppers, sausage and goat cheese
      horseradish-cream sauce with  arugula,red onion, roasted beets and  toasted  walnuts
      oh yeah and Kale! Kale! Kale!

Come see whats going on a pizza next

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